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          The industry of Haolei is the share system economic entity that deals in fitness apparatus, children amusement appliances, playing field and other project items. It establishes exhibition hall in the sports center of Shenzhen City, and has own factory and many fitness centers. It mainly produces and sales the upscale international brand product. Its integrated sales achievement stands foremost in this industry. It have a sales network in the whole country; the products sell a word wide.

          Our greatest achievement is the satisfaction of clients, dealer, and supplier. Strong social sense of responsibility with respect spirit of work, talented humanresource with service consciousness of all staff, strong professional technique force with perfect item service system, reasonable price of article with the completely operation of ISO international quality system, all of these are the characteristic of Haolei. We accept every talent, keep improving and do utmost to achieve the aim of nationwide body-building. We advocate perfection, but do not go in for eminence intentionally. We serve customers and society with all our heart just have been following the policy of "good quality, high service.